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Diy Water Heater

The Ultimate DIY Solar water heater?Better still, a ‘do it yourself’ solar water heater has the added advantage of sav-ing money. I note that it is disappoint-ing to see just how expensive some commercial solar hot water systems are becoming, as they get more and more high-tech. … Read Here DIY Water HeaterCircumference of the… Read More »

Water Heater Ignition Control Module

L8104A,B,C,D Electronic Water Heater ControllersL8104C Electronic Commercial Water Heater Control-ler: Same as the L8104B with additional circuitry to Ignition Module Gas Control Standing pilot — VR800, VR8200, or any rated 2.0A or less Intermittent pilot S86F,H; S8600H; S8610F,H VR8440, VR8204 or … Retrieve Full Source TECHNICAL SERVICE DEPARTMENT Technical Service Bulletin 1-800 …When the heater… Read More »